Aug 30, 2020 14:37 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 31, 2020 21:38 Asia/Tehran]

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stated that 'Israel-UAE' agreement is free Emirates gift to Trump and Netanyahu in their worst political days.

Iran Press/Middle East: Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivers a speech on 10th day of Muharram and said: "Emirates claimed that they will be receiving drones from Israel after the peace plan, but Netanyahu instantly held a conference and tweeted that no one in the region is allowed to have drones."

"When the Emirates claimed that their peace plan with Israel will result in halting joining Palestinian lands to Israel, Netanyahu instantly held a conference and assured that the peace plan will not stop any decision of joining lands," Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said.

An example of the Israeli superior attitude is how it dealt with some Emirati statements lately, he outlined.

"We condemn any call for peace with the Israeli entity", reiterate Hezbollah Secretary-General noted.

Referring to the Yemen crisis, Sayyed Nasrallah said that the war on Yemen is US-led, while Saudi and Emirates are the only equipment that the US uses.

The Hezbollah Secretary-General voiced that, today, on the 10th of Muharram, we as Hezbollah reassure that we will never acknowledge this occupying entity even if the whole world did."

The Israel–United Arab Emirates peace agreement, or the Abraham Accord, was agreed to by Israel and the United Arab Emirates on August 13, 2020.


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