Aug 24, 2019 23:08 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Oct 04, 2019 12:00 Asia/Tehran]

French riot police used water cannons and tear gas on Saturday to disperse anti-capitalism protesters in Bayonne, near the resort of Biarritz where G7 leaders were meeting for a three-day summit.

Iran Press/Europe: Thousands of anti-globalization activists, Basque separatists and “yellow vest” anti-capitalism protesters walked from the French town of Hendaye to Irun in Spain to demand action from G7 leaders meeting in the nearby coastal resort of Biarritz.

Roiled by months of anti-government protests this year, France has deployed more than 13,000 police to ensure protesters get nowhere near U.S. President Donald Trump and other leaders.

“The top capitalist leaders are here and we have to show them that the fight continues,” said Alain Missana, 48, an electrician wearing a yellow vest — symbol of the anti-government demonstrations that have been held in France for months.

“It’s more money for the rich and nothing for the poor. We see the Amazonian forests burning and the arctic melting. The leaders will hear us,” he said.

“No to the G7. For another world,” one banner read. “Heads of state the Amazon is burning. Act now,” said another.

The protesters shouted “Everybody hates the police” and “anti, anti anti-capitalists”.