Sep 03, 2020 15:58 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Oct 31, 2020 08:53 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday said that despite the hardest days that are experienced, the Iranians nation proved that the White House's efforts in putting Iran under pressure was a strategic mistake and has already failed.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking during the inauguration of several development projects across Iran on Thursday via videoconferencing, Hassan Rouhani stressed: "We are witnessing that the effort, dedication, and devotion of our nation, including employees, workers, and engineers throughout the country has paid off, and this condition is of great importance for us."

Rouhani pointed out: "We are not in normal conditions and this year, and we are organizing such great inauguration ceremonies at the most difficult and severe time of sanctions."

The Iranian president went on to say: "In the history of Iran during the last 2.5 years and from the beginning of 2018 until today, there has been no record of such pressure on the nation, and the people resisted these conspiracies with more endurance every day."

Rouhani reminded: "We have proved that the United States has failed, and we definitely declare to the world and to history that the United States used all its plans and power to defeat the Iranian nation in order to put pressure them."

Stating that the United States has suffered major political defeats in recent weeks, Rouhani said: "In more than seventy years since the establishment of the United Nations, there has been no record of the United States drafting a resolution against the Iranian nation, begging for votes for months, and calling on various countries.  When the United States introduced a plan in the Security Council that was against Iran's arms embargo, only one country voted for the United States, and 13 countries either voted against it or rejected the US resolution, that is, they rejected their plan.

The President continued: The US 'snapback' mechanism resolution raised at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting about 10 days ago during a meeting on regional issues and the Palestinian cause and it  also failed when 13 out of the 14 members delivered a speech and rejected it."

The Iranian president also stressed: "With the resistance of the Iranian nation, on the one hand, the political defeat of the United States in the United Nations has been embodied, and on the other hand, we witness the prosperity of Iran."

The inauguration ceremony of several developmental plans accomplished with Iran's President Hassan Rouhani in attendance via video conferencing.

Inauguration ceremony of "Kalqan Chai" Reservoir Dam in Bostanabad, one of the projects of Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarter in East Azerbaijan province, a 230 kW Transmission substation, as well as two solar power plants in Ardabil province and Dalahoo Power Plant gas unit with a capacity of 307 MW in Kermanshah province is underway on Thursday via video conferencing.


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