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  • People in Greece America gather in front of the embassy
    People in Greece America gather in front of the embassy

Thousands of people held a march to the US embassy in Athens on the anniversary of the uprising of Greek students.

Iran Press/ Europe: Over 20,000 people made the traditional march from the National Technical University of Athens, site of the 1973 uprising, to the US embassy on Sunday.

The participants shouted anti-American slogans at the rally which was attended by former Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, Iran Press reported.

Tsipras had announced his support for the march and demonstration which was in support of university students who had resisted military rule in Greece in 1973, and who were tortured, imprisoned, and exiled.

"This year we have many reasons to be there. We will be there mostly to send a message of resistance against the wave of conservatism and setback but also to those that have already assumed that we have reached the end of the story."

Tsipras had earlier referred to the Polytechnic uprising anniversary in a post on Facebook.

The Greek people recently burned the US flag in response to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to their country.

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A 1973 student uprising was crushed by Greece’s military junta, that ruled the country from 1967-74.


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