Jun 08, 2020 11:12 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 31, 2020 21:38 Asia/Tehran]

A slave trader's statue in Bristol has been torn down and thrown into the harbor during the second day of anti-racism protests across the UK.

Iran PressEurope: It comes after largely peaceful demonstrations across the weekend saw some clashes with police.

On Sunday evening, police in central London issued a dispersal order for the City of Westminster compelling people to leave the area after skirmishes.

Thousands of protesters massed for a second day in London, as well as cities across the UK including Bristol, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

Protests were generally peaceful, with aerial footage showing thousands of demonstrators flooding the roads outside the US embassy in Vauxhall, south London, before marching towards Parliament Square and Downing Street.

But there were some disturbances, leading to 12 arrests in London - the majority for public order offenses and one for criminal damage. Eight officers were injured, police said.

An activist addresses the crowd near the US Embassy in London.

In London, thousands congregated outside the US Embassy on Sunday despite British ministers saying that public protests ran the risk of increasing the spread of Covid-19.

Chants of "No Justice, No Peace" and "Black Lives Matter" bounced off the building in the Vauxhall region of the city, with a jubilant atmosphere for much of the day.

"Together, we will let our voices be heard. Enough is Enough. Black people cannot keep suffering," one protester addressed the crowd.

At times, the activists chanted "The UK is not innocent." Others had messages for the US President, with one sign reading: "Black lives trump your ego, Mr. President."

Protesters tear down slave trader statue in the UK

Similar protests took place in Edinburgh, Scotland -- and a dramatic scene unfolded in Bristol, southwest England, where activists tore down a statue of 17th-century slave owner Edward Colston.

Protesters pull down a statue of slave trader Edward Colston during a Black Lives Matter protest rally on College Green, Bristol, England, Sunday June 7, 2020.

The monument had stood in the city center since 1895 but had become increasingly controversial, with petitions created to demand its removal. On Sunday it was ripped down with ropes to loud cheers from a crowd of demonstrators.

George Floyd, was an unarmed black man who died after being pinned down by a white police officer.


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