Aug 20, 2020 09:32 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 31, 2020 21:38 Asia/Tehran]
  • Russia permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov
    Russia permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov

Russia's permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna called the US claim to remain in JCPOA illogical.

Iran PressEurope: US claims that it remains as a JCPOA participant, "Rather illogical", Mikhail Ulyanov wrote in a new tweet on Wednesday.

He added: "Including in the light of the Memorandum of the President of the US dated May 8, 2018, which is entitled “Ceasing US participation in the JCPOA”.

US officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have claimed in recent months that the United States remains in JCPOA and has called for an extension of arms embargoes on Iran and the use of "snapback" mechanisms to reinstate international sanctions against Iran.

Earlier Ulyanov had said that many countries believe that US behavior toward the Iran nuclear deal has undermined the confidence of the international community in Washington.

The United Nations Security Council overwhelmingly rejected a US resolution to extend an Iranian arms embargo on Aug 15.

The United States, which unilaterally announced its withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018, has repeatedly claimed it will invoke the "snapback" mechanism within the Security Council.

According to UNSC Resolution 2231, the UN arms embargo on Iran will end on October 18.

US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew his country from the international agreement on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, in violation of Washington's commitments under the JCPOA, and announced the return of nuclear sanctions.

In response to what the United States calls its “maximum pressure” campaign - a bid to get Iran to negotiate a new deal - Tehran has breached several central limits of the 2015 deal, including on its stock of enriched uranium.

The Iranian president Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday said that the US plan to reinstate sanctions on Iran via the so-called 'snapback' mechanism in UNSC was a unprecedented defeat for the US in the history of the United Nations.


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