Aug 27, 2020 09:44 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Oct 31, 2020 08:53 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iran not tolerate IAEA disregarding agreement: envoy
    Iran not tolerate IAEA disregarding agreement: envoy

Iran's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the international organizations in Vienna said his country does not tolerate IAEA's violation of the agreements reached.

Iran PressEurope: Stressing Iran's goodwill in its interaction with IAEA's new director-general, Kazem Gharibabadi noted that in case the agency tends to violate, under any pretexts, the mutual understandings already made, it has, in fact, targeted Iran's cooperation with IAEA.

Gharibabadi referred to the recent trip of IAEA's director to Iran to have direct contacts with the relevant authorities so that he would gain insight into the nuclear activities of Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) issued a joint statement on Wednesday at the end of Rafael Grossi's two-day visit to Tehran and holding talks with Iranian officials.

"The issuance of a joint statement, which is the result of hard and intensive negotiations with the IAEA Board", indicates the success of the interaction, Iran's Ambassador to IAEA said.


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