Sep 01, 2020 14:39 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Sep 01, 2020 16:41 Asia/Tehran]
  • Russia sarcases US on verge of Joint Commission meeting

Regarding the new US claim about its participation in the JCPOA and its efforts to reinstate UN sanctions against Iran, the Russian envoy to IAEA wrote in a sarcastic tweet on Tuesday that the meeting of the Joint Commission on JCPOA with the participation of all real (not self-proclaimed) participants of the nuclear deal will start in Vienna in a few hours.

Iran PressEurope: Mikhail Ulyanov added in his sarcastic tweet that "consultations in different formats are already underway."

According to the announced schedule, the meeting of the Joint Commission of the JCPOA is to be held today (Tuesday) at 11 o'clock (Central European time) at the level of deputies and general managers of the Iranian and the 4+1 foreign ministries in Vienna.

Abbas Araghchi, the political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, arrived in Vienna yesterday morning (Monday) at the head of a delegation to attend the meeting of the Joint Commission of the JCPOA. He has met with a number of other delegations, including Ulyanov and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

FM Zarif's deputy described the focus of today's meeting of the Joint Commission as a confrontation with US unilateralism and their attempt to destroy the JCPOA.

He expressed hope that the Joint Commission would be able to reach a common position and make decisions on how to proceed and counteract the efforts of the United States to destroy the JCPOA.

After nearly two years of his exit from the JCPOA and unsuccessful propaganda campaigns against Iran, Donald Trump has claimed that he is still a member of the nuclear deal and can use the mechanisms in this agreement and related Resolution 2231 against Iran. To that end, two weeks ago (August 14), he submitted a four-point resolution to the Security Council that could only win one positive vote from the Dominican Republic and, according to current and former US experts and officials, suffered a disastrous defeat.

Following that, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo formally requested that the repealed Security Council resolutions be returned against Iran based on the snapback mechanism. However, Russia, China, England, France, Germany, and Belgium have written to the Security Council stating that US action has no legal basis and should not be considered valid. Seven non-permanent members of the Security Council have also explicitly opposed the US request.


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