May 11, 2020 13:20 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Sep 02, 2020 14:49 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - The government spokesman Ali Rabiei said in his weekly presser that e take 30,000 tests a day, and we need 1.5 million tests to complete the Corona screening program.

Iran PressIran News: "On Sunday, in the meeting of the National Task for combating Corona, which was held with the presence of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, we examined the latest conditions and development on the issue."

Rabiei added, "People should be sure that the government is working hard on the two issues of income and people's lives."

He noted, "According to the National Task for Combating Corona reports, the infected cases have increased, but the number of people who lost their lives has been decreased."

Rabiei pointed out, "Observing the instructions such as social distancing, increasing the production of disinfectants and masks and completing hospital equipment, as well as screening and diagnosing all these factors are the key to our success in overcoming the effects of the corona."

"Opening the businesses should be done by observing the protocols," the spokesman added.

"We have 5 scenarios, including the complete freedom scenario, the strict quarantine scenario, the non-intervention scenario (which we did not follow), a scenario with minimal intervention, with moderate intervention, and we chose one of them based on the economic and health conditions that we had.


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