Jun 01, 2020 15:15 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 22, 2020 13:52 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Government spokesman Ali Rabiee stated that the US unilateral sanctions would not ban or stop the Islamic Republic of Iran to trade with other countries.

Iran Press/Iran news: In response to Iran Press question, Iran's Government Spokesman Ali Rabiee said that the Iranian's oil-tankers heading to Venezuela carrying fuel, is a normal thing without any political intention behind. 

Highlighting that Iran-Venezuela trading is based on international rules and regulations, Rabiee reiterated that both countries' trade will be continued and Iran will trade with any country it intends. 

He adds that "the US sanctions against Iran and Iranians will get nowhere. The US could not halt Iran's trading with countries. The United States must not breach its motto that 'the US protects high seas trading' with its unwise actions and measures."

The US must change its policies instead of challenging the world

Responding to Iran Press question on Islamic Republic of Iran's stance on the recent unrests and riots in the United States and the country's violence against black people, Ali Rabiei said that unlike the US, Iran won't interfere in any country's internal affairs. 

"Iran is monitoring the unrests and riots in the United States closely which are a cause for concern. The unrests indicate nothing but how the US is careless and indifferent to justice. The US must change and reform its policies instead of challenging the world," the spokesman emphasized. 

Best transition of leadership in 1989, stabilized Iran to date

Government Spokesman Ali Rabiee, referring to the appointment of Imam's successor on June 4, 1989, said that fortunately, with the collective wisdom and public support, the best transition of leadership took place, which has stabilized the country to date.

During his weekly press conference, Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiee referred to June 4 and 5, noting that these days provide an opportunity for the government to re-pledge allegiance to the ideals of the Imam and the Islamic Revolution as a permanent symbol of the fight against oppression and tyranny.

Rabiee further stated that "We were not a government with a lot of foreign exchange earnings. We were a government that worked hard to run the country. In March, 65,000 billion tomans of our businesses were damaged because of COVID-19. Coronavirus showed us that with the cooperation and coordination of all agencies and the government, we can overcome all crises."

"With the coming to power of the unbalanced government in the United States, which has challenged not only Iran but also the world, our country has stood firm, and we continue to stand firm," Rabiee added.

While appreciating the Islamic Revolution Leader for choosing the name of the year as 'Surge in Production', he said: "the government was aware that the surge in production was an irreplaceable way to get through the two viruses of sanctions and Coronavirus."


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