Jul 07, 2020 16:45 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Sep 02, 2020 14:49 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iran ready to interact with world regardless of West-East division: Government Spox

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Government Spokesman said his country is ready to cooperate with all countries except the Israeli regime and those sanction-imposer countries, stressing that Iran does not believe in West-East division.

Iran PressIran news: In his weekly press conference on Tuesday, Ali Rabiei said Iran is ready to have long-term cooperation with any country willing to participate in, based of mutual trust, and so far no hidden contract is signed for the transfer of land and port, referring to the rumors on concluding a 25-year-old contract with China on Bandar Abbas Port south of Iran. 

Rabiei pointed out to the Natanz Nuclear Facility incident, in the central part of the country, and stated that the incident had no casualties and radioactive emission.  

He stressed that the incident has no impact on Iran's peaceful nuclear activities.

The spokesman addressed a question on Israelis' involvement in Natanz's explosion and said that the relevant hypotheses are under investigation to reach a consensus on the cause of the incident. "Certainly, if we come to the conclusion that there has been foreign interference in the incident, we will give the appropriate response," Iran's Government Spokesman stressed.


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