Jul 28, 2020 19:15 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 06, 2020 18:59 Asia/Tehran]

Hormozgan (IP) - The Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said the development of the equipment and weapons in the country is in accordance with the threat and real recognition of the weaknesses and strengths of the enemy.

Iran PressIran News: Major General Hossein Salami made the remarks on the sidelines of the final phase of the 14th Great Prophet military drills, which began on Tuesday in the general area of ​​the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, saying that IRGC exercises are held with the aim of ensuring authoritative protection of the interests of the Iranian people.

"We have a defensive approach in protecting the vital interests of the Iranian nation, meaning that we will not invade any country at first, but we are completely offensive in tactics and operations," the Chief Commander of IRGC added.

He went on to say that Iran is taking the initiative in offensive operations and tactics.

The Iranian general stated: "A combination of the right skills and techniques and the correct technique in using equipment, innovative tactics based on creativity and innovation in this field, shape our drills so that we do not face ambiguity in real situations."


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