Aug 04, 2020 08:49 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 29, 2020 14:45 Asia/Tehran]

Tabriz (IP) - The 17th edition of the international exhibition on the steel industry, mining, cast iron, metallurgy, and the equipment is underway in Tabriz, the capital of the East Azerbaijan province, northwestern Iran.

Iran Press/ Iran News: Steel companies participated in the event representing East and West Azerbaijan, Tehran, Isfahan, Khuzestan, Zanjan, Khorasan Razavi, and Ardabil provinces together with the international companies from Turkey, China, Germany, Austria, and India.

The event showcases the latest development of participating companies that are actively involved in the fields including manufacturing steel, cast iron, metallurgical services, metal forming, related industrial machinery and equipment, and gas-burning engines.

The 17th International Specialized Exhibition of Steel Industries will be held for 4 days (August 2-5, 2020) from 16:00 to 22:00 PM to host specialists in the steel industry at the permanent venue of Tabriz International Exhibitions. 104/207

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