Aug 15, 2020 23:04 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Oct 31, 2020 08:53 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP)- Iran's Vice President for Economic Affairs, Mohammad Nahavandian told Iran Press on Saturday: "What is referred to as 'economic opening' is, in fact, a set of economic policies that the government has considered for the last year of its term."

 Iran Press/Iran news: Iran's Vice President for Economic Affairs, Mohammad Nahavandian said that these policies include stabilizing financial markets, investing, employment, addressing the livelihoods of families affected by sanctions amid Coronavirus, and  in 6 sections which is a set of diverse actions and activities,

Iran's Vice President for Economic Affairs said that the "economic opening" coincided with the introduction of the domestic oil sales plan, which is only a small part of the government's economic plans.

Nahavandian further said: "The domestic sale of oil was already on the agenda of the Ministry of Oil and the supply in the energy exchange started a year and a half ago, but its buyers were large companies."

He added that with the massive influx of people into the stock market, it is now possible for all people to buy oil with the government's new plan. This serves several purposes like part of the money in the market that will go to the oil industry, and also help the government complete its projects and reduce the budget deficit.


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