Aug 18, 2020 11:50 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 29, 2020 14:45 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Khaled Ghodumi, a representative of the Palestinian Hamas movement stated that Israel is an unwanted alien regime in Palestine.

Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on regional and international consequences of the UAE-Israel agreement, Khaled Ghodumi said that it is not the first time that Israel has oppressed Palestinians politically and militarily.

He added the annexation of parts of the West Bank is a big slap to the international community.

He noted: "Today, we are really shocked by the Secretary-General of the UN to welcome the deal between the US, Israeli and Emirates, as it is against the rules and the regulations of the UN.

"Palestinians not just Hamas, Fatah or Islamic Jihad but all are opposing these conspiracies, plans, and projects," Khaled Ghodumi reiterated.

"These plans are against Palestinians' integral legitimate rights because they are emphasizing the power of Israel over the rights of Palestinians, even if you ask the human right activists and organizations they will tell you many reasons how this deal is empowering the supremacy of Israel over natural resources of the Palestinians, emphasizing the rights of Israel's settlement in the West Bank and emphasizing Israel to move forward for the annexation," said the official.

"Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist Regime and many senior officials of Israel say that they have postponed the annexation program before the deal with UAE," noted Ghodumi.

He stated that the insulting 'deal' has to be opposed by something else, not by greetings or normalizing relations from Muslim or Arab countries' side with the Israeli regime.

Annual Research Conference on the Zionist Regime was held at Tehran International Studies and Research Institute (TISRI) on August 17 with the attendance of the Representative for Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Tehran Naser Abu Sharif, Representative for Palestinian Hamas Khaled Al-Ghodumi and Palestinian ambassador to Iran Salah al-Zawawi.


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