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  • Speaker of the Parliament of Iran Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf
    Speaker of the Parliament of Iran Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf

Tehran (IP) - Parliament speaker said UK-US-led coup d'etat that removed Iran's democratically elected leader 61 years ago, is a clear sign of US enmity against the Iranian nation.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaker of the Parliament of Iran Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf in his pre-agenda speech stated that on the eve of the Islamic lunar month of Muharram, the hearts of the lovers of Imam Hussain (a.s.) are eager to mourn the tragedy of Ashura. The historical miracle of Ashura bids farewell to falsehood and promises victory to all the deprived and oppressed.

"61 years ago, a few US agents plundered Iran's resources with a simple coup against the nation. The same nation, and perhaps the same people, a few years later stood up to the most sophisticated plans of US terrorism. The same nation became so strong that they cleared the region of the United States and the Zionists," the Iranian Parliament Speaker noted.

Qalibaf went on to say that the 19th August 1953 coup is a clear symbol of US sworn enmity against Iran. Whenever the rulers of these people trusted this enemy, the security of the country was endangered and the nation was humiliated, and whenever they were treated with rationality and prudence, historical victories were achieved for the nation.

The 19th August 1953 coup plotted and executed by the United States and Britain against the then democratically- elected government of Iran is a reminder of an important turning point in contemporary Iranian history.

Pursuing the issues of people is possible through realism, pragmatism, and reliance on the people themselves. We must know the capacities of the country and believe in the divine traditions in Islam in order to solve the economic problems and improve the living conditions of the people.

On Aug. 19, 1953, Iranian Premier Mohammad Mossadegh was removed from power in a coup organized and financed by the British and US governments. The former 'Shah' quickly returned to take power and signed over forty percent of Iran’s oil fields to US companies.

The coup staged by the US in Iran on August 19, 1953, is a prominent example of West's interference. Though the coup looked successful at first, its achievement was ruined with the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 when the Iranian people won their national sovereignty and became a totally independent country.

The coup staged by the US in Iran on 19th August 1953, is among the most important and fateful events in modern Iranian history. In the coup, which was openly directed by the US, the first democratically-elected government of Iran was overthrown and the despotic shah was re-empowered.

Operation Ajax is a black page in the book of UK and US interference in Iran and will never be cleaned off Iranians' memories and pages of history.


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