Aug 20, 2020 07:49 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 20, 2020 14:01 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Parliament Speaker said Strengthening multilateralism and responsible commitment is the international community's need to rebuild the damages inflicted by the Coronavirus.

Iran Press/Iran News: The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran, Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf, on the first day of the Fifth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament, which is held via video conference on August 19 and 20, said: "the Islamic Republic of Iran, like other countries, is fighting the coronavirus, but fortunately, due to its efficient and strong health system and despite the cruel and inhumane US sanctions, it has had great success in this regard."

Qalibaf stated that the Inter-Parliamentary Union must have serious plans and actions for the reconstruction of the post-Corona world from now on.

He added:" In order to make plans, effective support of national parliaments in allocating budgets and other supportive measures beyond strengthening the goals of governments is essential, and the plan must include NGOs, the media, the private sector, and the vulnerable people of societies.

Iran's Parliament Speaker said: "World parliaments must build a new path by leveraging the rigorous management experience of the Coronavirus era through new financial mechanisms; especially against countries facing illegal unilateral sanctions."

The Fifth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament, which is held every 5 years in cooperation with the United Nations and the Inter-Parliamentary Union, is being held this year via video conference hosted by Austria.

Topics covered by the 130-nation are generally related to the United Nations, with issues related to sustainable development, climate change, the corona epidemic, migrant problems, women's empowerment, and increasing youth participation in policy-making; which the results ultimately contribute to the better functioning of the United Nations.


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