Aug 23, 2020 22:12 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 23, 2020 22:30 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iran\'s Majlis: Israel-UAE deal; serious threat against West Asian region
    Iran\'s Majlis: Israel-UAE deal; serious threat against West Asian region

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission on Sunday considered the Israel-UAE deal as a serious threat for regional interests and security, warning about the negative consequences of the deal.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iran’s Parliament’s National Security and Foreign policy Commission in a statement released on Sunday over the normalization of ties between the UAE and the Zionist Regime highlighted that in a situation when the US terrorist government is seeking the full annihilation of the remaining lands of Palestine through the failed 'Deal of a Century', Abu Dhabi rulers dealt the Palestinian cause another blow through a so-called peace deal with the Zionist enemy and they left behind another historical disgrace.

“Abu Dhabi’s recent measures as another treason to the Muslim cause and specifically to Palestine and the freedom-seeking nations won’t undoubtedly silence toward this very measure and the UAE rulers will be engulfed by fiery anger of Islamic Ummah“, added the statement.

Referring to the fact that UAE’s measures considered as electoral service for US President Donald Trump, the statement highlighted that the Abu Dhabi rulers should beware that such a shameful deal is doomed to failure and will cost the United Arab Emirates heavy price.

“Hegemonic America should also know that its hidden hand in this treacherous act is quite obvious and this failed attempt will accelerate the withdrawal of the United States from the region.”, the statement concluded.


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