Aug 25, 2020 17:13 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Oct 31, 2020 08:53 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a meeting with senior media managers on the occasion of Government Week on Tuesday that his government is the first government after the revolution (1979) to start working under sanctions.

Iran PressIran News: The President added: "The coronavirus has made difficulties for our people, but this period was one of the opportunities it created for our people, the harmony and consensus of everyone, including the government and the media, in the fight against this calamity."

Rouhani added: "The consensus created between the government and the media after the coronavirus outbreak can have good effects and lead to unity and empathy in society."

He pointed to the government's goal of achieving a 'Surge in Production' and said: "The important goal of the enemy from 2018 was to create chaos and turbulence in society and the collapse of the system with severe sanctions."

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"We must all explain to the people the fact that the government and the nation have won against the enemy," he said, adding: "We did not allow a crisis to arise and we would move towards collapse."

Rouhani pointed out: "Naturally, sanctions have created difficulties and problems for the people, but at the same time, during the sanctions and the coronavirus outbreak, we see today that in the first four months of 2019 compared to 2020, both industry, agriculture and some of the services grew compared to last year."

"When we say that we have increased from 97 million tons to 130 million tons in agricultural products, that is the power, meaning that the country has been able to take a big step in terms of food security. That is, in seven years we have increased by 30% compared to the past, which means power," President Rouhani highlighted.

He said: "We have promoted our defense capability and have produced the Bavar 373, which is more advanced than the S300."

"One of our powers is our diplomacy is that we can stand up to the United States at the United Nations and confront and succeed," Rouhani said.

"The United States was trying to extend the arms embargo at the United Nations and only had one vote  which means the success of Iranian diplomacy," Rouhani underscored.

"We have also had success in the nuclear talks," he said.

"The reason why Israel, the United States, and Saudi Arabia were so worried and forced Trump to withdrew from the JCPOA is that some of the country's economic problems were resolved after the agreement," Rouhani noted.


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