Aug 26, 2020 19:01 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 26, 2020 19:18 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Vice-President for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs said that whenever government and parliament have been together, they have overcome the problems.

Iran Press/Iran News: In response to IranPress on the importance of government-parliament interaction to solve the country's challenges, Hossein-Ali Amiri, Iran's Vice-President for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs stressed that the President emphasizes the deepening of the government's relations with parliament.

"For the past 40 years, whenever the government and the parliament have been together and have a common understanding of the issues of the country, they have overcome the problems and wherever there is a difference, the country and the people have been the losers," Amiri added, on the sidelines of the cabinet meeting held on 26th August.

He further noted that interaction, empathy, and cooperation with members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Iran's Parliament) is the government's strategic policy.

Vice-President for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs added that the government as a whole has satisfactory interactions with the new parliament, and these interactions and relations continue on a daily basis. 

The government and parliament are trying to reach a common understanding to take effective measures to solve the problems of the country and the people, he noted.


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