Aug 26, 2020 19:03 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 26, 2020 20:30 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Despite the sanctions, natural disasters, and the coronavirus outbreak, the Iranian nation, is still resistant, contrary to the expectations of the enemies, Iran's Deputy Interior Minister and Head of Social Affairs Organization said.

Iran Press/Iran News: Taghi Rostamvandi added, "The enemies thought that If the sanctions and natural disaster do not defeat the Iranian nation, the coronavirus outbreak can do so, but the Iranian nation did not allow the enemies to achieve their wishes."

Referring to the fact that the difficult conditions of the last 6 months in Iran can cause many problems to any society, he stressed that Iranians have tolerated these conditions by believing in God, empathy, and the culture of resistance.

Rostamvandi reiterated that in the last six months, there has been a great deal of solidarity and empathy among people, and there has been no sign of instability or chaos.

Pointing to the fact that the financial and economic crimes have decreased in the last six months in Iran compared to last year, Iran's Deputy Interior Minister noted that divorce rate in the first quarter of the year decreased by 8% compared to the same period last year, and suicide decreased 4/7 % as well.  

He concluded that public confidence in the country's executive policies has increased over the past six months, and 83% of people are sympathizing with the government.


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