Aug 29, 2020 09:34 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 29, 2020 14:45 Asia/Tehran]

Ardabil (IP) - The people of Ardabil, northwestern Iran, mourned for Imam Hussain (AS) on the night of the ninth of Muharram (Tasua), observing health protocols.

Iran PressIran News: The people Ardabil which is known as Daralershad (Daralershad), mourn every night on the first 10-day of Moharram in the open courtyard of the Ghezelbash tomb of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili in order to maintain the health of the mourners and observe health protocols.

The Residence of the Aali Qapu neighborhood in Ardabil mourned on the night of the ninth of Muharram with the songs of Hussein-Hussein.

Tasu'a night is the ninth day of Muharram month, and the day before Ashura, on which Imam Hussein (AS) was martyred.     207/216

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Photo: Mourning rituals of Imam Hussein begin in Ardabil