Aug 29, 2020 17:56 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 29, 2020 18:48 Asia/Tehran]
  • Healthe Ministry calls peopl join 'Mask Nazri ' campaign

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Ministry of Health called on people to join a campaign of face Mask Nazr (Giving Mask to the people for free) to help Hey'ats (mourning groups) with masks so they can protect themselves against the coronavirus.

Iran Press/Iran news: The spokeswoman for the health ministry Sima Sadat Lari pointed to Muharram month and the mourning ceremonies held for Imam Hussain (AS), a time when people donate Nazri food and called on people to join the campaign and distribute masks as Nazri. 

"In this regard, the Mask Nazri Campaign was one of the charitable and humanitarian actions that have been going on in the country recently, in which the people distribute masks as one of the most important items preventing coronavirus spreading," Lari said.

She stressed that public participation in the health-oriented and faithful campaign will be an effective step towards solving the problems of mourning ceremonies hold in the districts where low-income residing in.

There again the health official called on people to observe the health instructions in the mourning ceremonies as far as possible they can so that the ceremonies are held free of any disease and full of spiritual passion and consciousness throughout the country.


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