Aug 31, 2020 23:55 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Sep 01, 2020 00:03 Asia/Tehran]
  • Head of Iran\\\'s Passive Defense Organization
    Head of Iran\\\'s Passive Defense Organization

Iran (IP) - Head of Iran's Passive Defense Organization said that Iran has been successful in both defense and technology fronts.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking on the occasion of National Air Defense Day on Monday, Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali stressed: "Today, a major part of ensuring the security of Iran's airspace is on the air defense base."

Brig. Gen. Jalali stated that air defense has a completely defensive aspect, emphasizing: "Passive defense and air defense are two wings of defense and complement for the country and the perfect defense is formed by the deep combination of the two.

He reminded: "Today, the air defense is in charge of a major part of the security of Iran's airspace which in other words generates authority and deterrence."

Head of Iran's Passive Defense Organization went on to say: "The downing of the American advanced spy plane showed the oversight and capability of the country's air defense, but what doubled the sweetness of this victory was the use of a native system in this operation.

Emphasizing that the current security of Iran is rooted in looking inward and localizing, Brig. Gen. Jalali addressed the border guards of Iran's airspace, saying: "We appreciate your bravery and We are always grateful for your consciousness and awareness." 


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