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  • Gradual death of Yemenis amid war, corona
    Gradual death of Yemenis amid war, corona

Commentary (IP) - Yemen's Health Minister Taha al-Mutawakil said that the continuation of the Saudi coalition war along with the outbreak of the coronavirus would lead to the gradual death of the Yemeni people.

Iran Press/Middle East: The Saudi coalition war against Yemen began on March 26, 2015. The sixty-fifth month of the asymmetric war, in which the aggressors are also backed by the world powers, is coming to an end.

As a result of the war, Yemen faced a humanitarian catastrophe, which is the worst in recent decades in the world. The pattern of behavior of the Saudi regime, the great Western powers, and the international bodies are the three main factors in the formation of the human tragedy.

Saudi Arabia is a major player in shaping the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen by bombing various parts of the country and besieging it.

The daily bombardment of Yemen killed more than 100,000 people, directly and indirectly, injured tens of thousands, and displaced more than three million people, as well as the destruction of more than 80% of the Yemeni infrastructure, especially health and treatment infrastructure.

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In addition to the bombing, the Saudi regime has imposed a comprehensive blockade on Yemen for the past 65 months, exacerbating the humanitarian catastrophe and the indirect consequences of the war.

Meanwhile, preventing fuel from entering Yemen has had many humanitarian consequences in the country. Yemeni Health Minister Taha al-Mutawakil said more than 4,000 patients with kidney failure had been affected by the lack of access to or closure of dialysis centers; the problems caused by the fuel crisis, which themselves were caused by the Saudi regime's enter Yemen.

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Undoubtedly, Western powers are also involved in shaping the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. These powers, while remaining silent to the Saudi coalition's crimes, have also provided the coalition with intelligence, weapons, and political support. 

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Meanwhile, Western powers, led by the United States, are playing a role in escalating the catastrophe in Yemen by imposing sanctions on Ansarullah. Sanctions complement the siege imposed by the Saudi coalition against Yemen.

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The Yemeni health minister also said sanction and siege of Yemen have prevented the repair of medical equipment, and after nearly six years of war, embargo, and aggression on the country, 93% of medical equipment has lost its useful life.

Along with the behavior pattern of the Saudi regime and Western powers, the outbreak of the coronavirus is also an important factor in the humanitarian situation in Yemen.

COVID-19 fatality rate In Yemen five times the global average: UN Spox: UN spokesman

The outbreak and death toll due to the coronavirus in Yemen is very small compared to other countries in the region, but the WHO entities operating in Yemen left the country and cut off medical aid to it, under the pretext of their concerned about the outbreak of the virus.  

162 health centers have been closed by international organizations under the pretext of the corona outbreak, which leads per se to an increase in the number of corona patients and deaths in Yemen.

Indeed, the international community, which has so far contributed to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen by remaining silent to the Saudi coalition's atrocities, has now completed that role by cutting off medical aid to Yemen for the fight against the coronavirus.


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