Aug 16, 2020 04:59 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 16, 2020 05:17 Asia/Tehran]
  • Protests against Netanyahu continue in occupied al-Quds
    Protests against Netanyahu continue in occupied al-Quds

Thousands of people in occupied Palestine once again protested in front of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence in occupied al-Quds on Saturday night, demanding his resignation.

Iran Press/Middle East: Residents of occupied Palestine chanted slogans against Netanyahu during the demonstration.

This is the second time in recent weeks that residents of occupied al-Quds have gathered in front of Netanyahu's residence to demand his resignation.

The Occupied Territories have seen frequent protests against Benjamin Netanyahu's corruption in recent months, as well as his poor performance against the Coronavirus.

Netanyahu is charged with bribery, fraud, and breach of trust under a number of cases in which he is alleged to have accepted lavish gifts from billionaire friends and exchanged regulatory favors for more positive media coverage.  

Those charges include offering favors to media moguls and of getting expensive gifts and positive press in return; such a case that has become known as Case 4000, in which Netanyahu allegedly promoted regulation that benefited a telecom company called the Bezeq Group, in exchange for favorable press coverage on a news site run by a subsidiary.


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